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Multi-Pitch Climbing

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Climb classic mountain routes in the stunning Lake District with Jon Chamberlain - Mountaineering Instructor and climbing Development Coach.

Introduction to Multi-pitch climbing.

You have been to a climbing wall, perhaps had a session or two at an outdoor crag and now you want the full mountain experience! This is the course for you. Jon will take you out on multi-pitch routes and 'show you the ropes', developing your skills, confidence and knowledge.
Ratio: 1:2 max. Cost: £180 per individual; £225 for two

Multi-pitch climbing workshop.

Let Jon help you to become a quicker, safer and more efficient multi-pitch leader. Instruction generally focuses on placing good runners, building belays, rope management, stance organisation and 'slick' changeovers. Course content will be based on what we see, and what you tell us you want to cover.
Ratio: 1:2 max. Cost: £125 per individual; £175 for two

Personal guiding

Personal guiding on the best routes in the Lake District with Jon Chamberlain MCI. Ken Wilson's 'Classic Rock' provides inspiration and some fantastic mountaineering days, but you may have your own 'tick-list'. We have some brilliant days in the mountains waiting for you!
Ratio: 1:2 max. Cost: £125 per individual; £175 for two

ATNE can provide harnesses, climbing shoes, helmets, leaders rack, chalk bag and ropes.<.p>

Transport between Newcastle upon Tyne and the Lake District is included in the cost of these days.

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Contact Jon Chamberlain:
Tel: 07713 254649
E-mail: info@atne.co.uk
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Myself and my two sons have done multiple climbing trips, both week-long trips to Spain and day trips to the Lake District and Northumberland with Jon. Jon is an excellent climbing instructor. His guidance has been crucial for myself in developing as a climber. In all occasions the primary focus is on safety and doing things right. This is something that couldn't be more important when it comes to climbing. Jon has been working on each our development as climbers individually, which can be sometimes really hard with very different goals. Each time, we have gone climbing we have all reached our goals and felt that we have learnt a lot - in our different target areas. Jon's knowledge is vast. He knows both Spain and Northumberland crags inside and out. He knows when and how to push people to their limits without overdoing it. Jon is great at communicating his knowledge and makes sure he passes the information on the climbs to us afterwards. He together with his wife Caroline are providing experiences in a methodological manner, safely and in such a way that every time something gets learnt. Recommend them any time! Thanks so much for all guidance this far on our climbers' journey!

KC - Mum and climber, with two very enthusiastic and talented climbing sons.

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