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Survival/Nature Days

Our Survival/Nature days allow children the freedom to play, explore, learn and develop within natural surroundings, they help to bring the local woodland to life and nurture a respect for nature and the seasons.

Adventure Training North East provide practical sessions for children of all ages from Early Years exploration to Key Stage 5 Bushcraft.

Our sessions can be based on your school site or at a local woodland. We have worked with schools across the North East and beyond.

Further Information

Your day could include:-

  • - Collecting wood and friction fire lighting
  • - Cooking on open fires
  • - Making your own shelter
  • - Map making or art and design using natural resources
  • - Being creative and making things
  • - Fun activities; Hide and Seek, story telling, climbing trees.......... and many, many more.

Theme days

Bring your curriculum to life by living in the forest for a day. Activities are based around topics which relate to the curriculum such as;

Living in the Rainforest
Aboriginal culture
Aztec culture
Native American culture
Stoneage Life

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