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Corporate Team Building

For many years now, we have been offering a range of Team Building and Problem Solving activities for school, youth and corporate groups. Different groups want different types of days. For some it is about  adrenaline and excitement, others prefer activities that are more inclusive and can entertain a wider range of staff or students.

 The challenge of our highly entertaining problem solving tasks  prove to be very popular. The tasks are entertaining, thought provoking, fun, exasperating. 'Teams' spend much of the day deep in tactical conversations., planning potential outcomes, and laughing!

In the last year we have worked with different departments within the NHS, Northumbria Police, Aker Solutions, Abel, Berghaus, East Coast Rail staff, Aldi, North Tyneside Carers, Walker Challenge, Childrens Services, NCFE, Northumbria University, HSBC etc along with a range of sports clubs and schools. We pride ourselves in trying to plan a day that is most appropriate to your staff team.

We will be pleased to help you plan a worthwhile day.

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